PC-2000 Portable Colorimeter

Item No.: PC-2000
4.3 inch TFT color screen. Support 200 curves storage and curve automatic calibration. Long timelife lamp can be used 100,000 hours.
Battery can be charged via USB port of PC or Vehicle.
PC2000 Portable Colorimeter
1. 4.3 inch colored TFT screen with friendly UI.
2. Contain 200 curves and customize high precision test curve according to measurement ranges. Users can set up different piecewise curve and coefficient subject to different concentrations which will literally improve measurement precision.
3. ARM9 main control chip makes operations easy, response quick and big storage up to 500M.
4. Advanced power management system can show the battery status in real time and be charged via USB port on PC or vehicle.
5. Adopt special and high precision light filter system to ensure the instruments’ stability and accuracy.
6. Cold light source, narrowband interference, with long lifetime up to 100,000 hours.
Model PC-2000H
Description High-precision Colorimeter
Minimum readout (PCU) 0.001
Measuring range (PCU) 0-500, 0-100
Basic error ±3%FS
Repeatability 0.5%
Zero draft ±0.5%FS
Applications Industrial waste water, river water,  drinking water, domestic sewage