Fully Automated Spectrophotometer

you can set up any analysis and testing method according to your own experimental needs, which can achieve automatic detection and analysis throughout the entire process: automatic quantitative injection, automatic detection, automatic waste discharge, au
Fully Automated Spectrophotometer

1. Equipped with a comprehensive software and hardware system, the instrument can be completely controlled and operated by a PC, with a high degree of intelligence, more convenient use, and simpler operation, with low requirements for users' own skills. The workstation software adopts a single interface multifunctional design, which is user-friendly, easy to operate, rich and powerful in functions, fast in response, and can monitor data changes in real-time. The unique shortcut toolbar makes the experimental process clear at a glance, greatly facilitating the user's use.
2. You can choose any testing wavelength and method within the range of 190nm-1100nm to measure the absorbance or transmittance of the sample; Multiple wavelength measurements can be performed simultaneously on the sample.
3. The advanced control system can monitor the lighting time of deuterium and tungsten lamps in real-time, ensuring the maximum service life of the lamp source.
4. Self identification function, which can calibrate the instrument's dark current and wavelength accuracy at any time as needed, ensuring the accuracy requirements of experimental data to the greatest extent possible.
5. Equipped with a needle injection pump with extremely high accuracy, the output liquid flow rate is stable, and the liquid extraction is accurate. Quartz colorimetric dishes are used for colorimetric testing, and the optical path can be freely customized. The instrument has high stability, good repeatability, strong anti-interference ability, direct reading of concentration, and accurate test results, minimizing the operational errors of different operators.
6. Easy to operate, one click start, no chemical exposure during the water sample testing process, and no human intervention is required during the testing process. The operator's health and environment are guaranteed to the maximum extent, while saving the time and cost of laboratory personnel for testing and low maintenance.
7. The testing pipeline and cuvette are all equipped with automatic water washing and wetting methods. The liquid connection section has almost no residual solution and is compatible with the vast majority of strong acidic and alkaline reagents, effectively reducing sample cross contamination and ensuring accurate and reliable data.
8. The entire operation process is stable, which can effectively improve the uniformity of sample testing, without the need for manual experimental operations, and improve work efficiency. Automating tedious tasks can improve accuracy and the enthusiasm of testers, freeing testing technicians to invest more energy in designing better tests.
9. Satisfy the testing of 16 water samples at once and provide 3 types of reagent addition pipelines, which can accurately, efficiently, intelligently, and batch meet the vast majority of water quality measurement work. Users can directly call the target method when using it next time by storing the working method, simplifying the detection process, avoiding duplicate work, and greatly saving users' time and cost.
10. Intelligent software functions. The instrument has added permission management function, and user roles can be divided into two types: administrator and operator. Different roles have different operating permissions for the instrument, which facilitates daily management of the instrument and ensures data security; The software has an operation recording function, which can record user operation steps in real time, making it easy for users to conduct query work.
11. The instrument has SMS reminder and email cloud push functions. After testing, the instrument can automatically send information to the user's phone.
12. The test data can be directly output through a USB port, and can also be printed directly through a printer or a paper Bluetooth printer, truly achieving massive document storage. (Optional)
13. Designed with ultra corrosion-resistant materials, the entire instrument and internal pipelines are made of acid and alkali resistant materials, with high reliability and strong adaptability.
Monochromator Full series blazed grating C-T monochromator
Grating 1200 Line/mm
Photocell Imported silicon photodiode
Cuvette Quartz
Wavelength range 190nm-1100nm
Wavelength accuracy ±0.3nm
Wavelength repeatability ±0.1nm
Spectral bandwidth 1nm
Photometric range 0-200%, -0.3-3A
Photometric accuracy ±0.5%T,±0.004Abs0-0.5A); ±0.008Abs0.5-1.0A
Photometric repeatability ±0.5%T,±0.004Abs0-0.5A); ±0.008Abs0.5-1.0A
Photometric stability ±0.15%T,±0.002Abs0-0.5A); ±0.004Abs0.5-1.0A
Lamp switching mode Auto 340nmAdjustable
Stability 0.001A500nm3min
Noise 0.15%T