0.1mg Analytical Balance

Item No.: FA
Electromagnetic balance sensor, External/ Internal calibration, Automatic Calibration System.
FA series 0.1mg Analytical Balance
Electromagnetic balance sensor
External/ Internal calibration weight,
Automatic Calibration System.
Whole taring.
4-level shockproof.
Powerful functions like basic weighing, counting, density weighing, checkweighing, percentage and animal weighing, etc.
Adopting large blue backlighting 120*55 mm LCD screen, which has complete display function.
With the sensor technology of German STL software, supporting muti-point correction, the instrument has stable performance.
The windshield of all around antistatic coating can effectively shield the electrostatic interference and the vision is very clear.
The built-in RS232 standard interface can connect to printer and computer.
Units: g, mg, ct, oz, ozt.
Technical parameters:
Model Weighing Range Readability Pan Size Dimension Net Weight Calibration
FA1004B 0-100g 0.1mg Φ80mm 350*215*340mm 8kg External
FA1204B 0-120g
FA2004B 0-200g
FA2104B 0-210g
FA2204B 0-220g
FA1004C 0-100g Internal
FA1204C 0-120g
FA2004C 0-200g
FA2104C 0-210g
FA2204C 0-220g
Included Accessaries:
1.Calibration Weight (only for external calibration balance)
3.Universal Adapter    
4.Dust Cover